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Администрация Тамб. обл. +7 (4752) 79-20-94 +7 (915) 673 66-52
Корпорация развития Тамб. обл. +7 (4752) 72-53-08 +7 (902) 720-90-08

Cadastral and geodetic services

  • The formation of the land state and municipal property, including the preparation of layout on the CBT.
  • The formation of the land from state and municipal property, in the approved scheme of location on the CBT.
  • Formation of the land allotment in respect of land shares.
  • Clarification of land plots to private and public property boundaries.
  • Preparation of contingency plan (layout) of land in the CBT.
  • Clarification of land plots of total share ownership boundaries.
  • Correcting errors in the cadastral boundaries of the previously recorded land.
  • Restoration of landmarks (removal and fastening points on the terrain).
  • Drafting land surveying (total share ownership).
  • Carrying out work on inspection and manufacturing of technical plans for the state cadastral registration of real estate objects (linear structures, ACS).
  • Drafting land survey for the construction of linear objects.
  • Geodetic and surveying of lines and areas.
  • Work on surveying and cadastral registration of land plots under the linear facilities.

Phone number 8 (4752) 71-51-52.

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