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Center for Cluster Development

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The Center for Cluster Development of the JSC "Tambov Region Development Corporation" (www.ckrtambov.ru) is an element of innovative infrastructure created for the purpose of developing innovative clusters of small and medium-sized enterprises, ensuring cooperation among the cluster participants among themselves.

The Central Committee provides the following services to small and medium-sized enterprises - participants of territorial clusters:

  • Development of projects for the development of clusters and investment programs;
  • Organization of monitoring of the state of innovative, scientific and production potential of clusters;
  • Development and implementation of joint cluster projects involving participants in clusters, educational and scientific institutions, and other interested parties;
  • Provision of consulting services for the benefit of participants in territorial clusters;
  • Assisting clusters in obtaining state support;
  • Organization of trainings, round tables, seminars in the sphere of interests of cluster members;
  • Carrying out information campaigns in the mass media on covering the activities of the cluster and prospects for its development, promoting the brand of the cluster;
  • Provision of services to participants in the cluster in terms of legal support, marketing, advertising;
  • Implementation of marketing research in various markets related to the promotion of cluster products.

Strategic tasks aimed at the development of cattle-breeding and plant-growing clusters:

  • Stimulation of sales of products of cluster members of producers and processors of products (participation in exhibitions, creation of a specialized cluster information portal, advertising events, etc.);
  • Assistance in the introduction of advanced technologies at enterprises participating in clusters (the creation of new technological chains involving several enterprises, the introduction of new technologies for processing and recycling waste, resource-saving technologies);
  • Promotion of new products;
  • Formation and development of the personnel potential of cluster members, to solve the problems of staff lack;
  • The formation of a unified strategy for the development of cluster participants, the coordination of the priorities for the development of cluster members.

The participation of producers in the Cluster Development Center also provides advantages in access to new technologies, working methods and opportunities for deliveries, manufactured products. Important for the formation of competitive advantages of agricultural enterprises in the cluster is the flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace.

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