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The structure of company

The Company operates in all ten departments composed of 80 people.

  • Руководство

    Генеральный директор
    Вячеслав Валентинович Чуканов
      • Первый заместитель генерального директора
        Виктор Николаевич Серегин Телефон +7 (4752) 72-04-29
      • Заместитель генерального директора
        Николай Андреевич Толмачёв Телефон +7 (9027) 209-005
      • Зам. генерального директора по кадастровой службе
        Александр Николаевич Блудов Телефон +7 (9027) 209-004
      • Зам. генерального директора, начальник проектной службы
        Роман Валерьевич Гриднев Телефон +7 (900) 490-23-34
      • Зам. генерального директора, начальник финансовой службы
        Татьяна Владимировна Савченко Телефон +7 (4752) 72-37-62
      • Зам. генерального директора по развитию
        Александр Борисович Буданцев Телефон +7 (9027) 209-004
      • Помощник генерального директора - секретарь
        Юлия Владимировна Рожкова Телефон +7 (4752) 72-50-98
  • Department of land relations

    Начальник отдела
    Марина Юрьевна Блудова Телефон +7 (4752) 71-51-52
    • About

      The department performs the following cadastral works:

      • The formation of the land of state and municipal property, including the preparation of layout on the CPT;
      • The formation of the land of state and municipal property, in already approved scheme on the location of the CPT;
      • The formation of land through allotment of shares in respect of the land;
      • Clarification of the boundaries of land plots to private and public property;
      • The preparation of contingency plan (layout) of land on the CPT;
      • Clarification of the boundaries of the land plots of the common property;
      • Correction of errors in the cadastral boundaries of the previously recorded land.
    • Employees

      In the department eight people are employed - qualified specialists (cadastral engineers of Category I and II).

  • Department of Geodesy and Land Management

    Начальник отдела
    Сергей Владимирович Котов Телефон +7 (900) 490-23-30
    • About

      The department performs the following types of surveying:

      • List (combination) of land;
      • Clarify the boundaries of land plots to private and public property;
      • Restoration of landmarks (removal and fastening points on the ground);
      • Inspection and production of technical plans for the state cadastral registration of real estate objects (linear structures, ACS);
      • Drafting a land survey for the construction of linear objects;
      • Geodetic and surveying of lines and areas;
      • Carrying out of works on surveying and cadastral registration of land plots under the linear facilities.
    • Employees

      The department employs eight people - skilled employees (cadastral engineer surveyors Category I and II, Engineer Surveyor).

  • Department of development of urban planning documentation

    Начальник отдела
    Регина Николаевна Матвеева Телефон +7 (900) 490-23-34
    • About

      The department performs the following functions:

      • Development and adjustment of spatial planning schemes;
      • Development and updating of master plans of municipalities;
      • Development and adjustment of land use and development of municipalities;
      • Project planning area.
    • Employees

      The department employs five people - skilled employees (experts of Ist Category, architect).

  • Department of design and estimate documentation

    Начальник отдела
    Сергей Анатольевич Ерин Телефон +7 (962) 236-09-09
    • About

      The department performs the following functions:

      • Development of design and estimatedocumentation for the AIC facilities;
      • Development of design and estimate documentation for linear objects;
      • Development of planning projects and land surveying;
      • Preparation of technical opinions on the state of building structures;
      • Development of design and estimate documentation for the repair of buildings and structures;
      • Projects of sanitary protection zones.
    • Employees

      The department employs seven people - qualified staff (engineer-designer of I and II categories of engineer-estimator, design engineer of water supply and sewage systems, Design Engineer heating systems and ventilation systems, architect).

  • Project Management Division

    • About

      The Division serves as the project office:

      • Project management;
      • Support projects;
      • Coordination of projects;
      • Project Management;
      • Support of external investment projects of more than 10 million rubles;
      • Support of domestic investment projects.
    • Employees

      The department employs three people (manager of project management, methodolog for project management).

  • Department for work with small and medium-sized businesses

    Начальник отдела
    Петр Владимирович Семьянинов Телефон +7 (9027) 209-009
    • About

      The department performs the following functions:

      • Preparation of business plans;
      • Preparation of investment projects (business plan) for state support;
      • Preparation of an expert opinion on the investment project (business plan);
      • Preparation and support of investment projects (business plans) in the banks;
      • Market research (analysis of market prospects and sales);
      • Search and selection of land plots for rent and property;
      • Search for contractors (suppliers, contractors);
      • Assistance in the selection of personnel;
      • Assistance for the organization of the certification of goods, works and services;
      • Positioning on the regional and all-Russian exhibition sites of goods and services for SMEs;
      • Development of the brand (trademark);
      • Registration of the brand;
      • Advisory services on legal support;
      • Providing information on the possibilities of obtaining credit and other financial resources.
    • Employees

      Six people work in the department - (a marketer, consultant, managers).

  • Department of legal and personnel support

    Начальник отдела
    Ольга Александровна Ерещенко Телефоны: +7 (4752) 72-53-71, +7 (9027) 20-90-06
    • About

      The department is engaged in legal support of the activities of the Development Corporation of Tambov Region and its subsidiaries:

      • drawing up of contracts of civil-law character;
      • accompaniment of notarization and (or) state registration of certain types of contracts;
      • support of corporate work: development of constituent and other documents required for the registration of a legal entity, as well as a person as an individual entrepreneur; amendment of constituent documents;
      • legal analysis and legal support of pre-trial settlement of disputes;
      • legal analysis and legal support for the judicial settlement of disputes in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction and through representation;
      • Written and oral counseling, legal assistance in drafting legal documents;
      • Personnel work including recruitment and interviewing of applicants, registration of labor relations between the employee and the employer, keeping records of personnel; Maintenance of personnel records management;
      • support of procurement activities from the submission of the notice to the signing of the contract (223-FZ);
      • Representation in state supervisory bodies.
    • Employees

      The department employs seven people (legal advisors I and II categories, a human resources manager).

  • Department of Land Resources

    Начальник отдела
    Николай Сергеевич Остроухов Телефон +7 (900) 490-23-30
    • About

      The department performs the following functions:

      • confirmation of the rights of the current owner to the land;
      • legal due diligence of land plots, i.e., a study of the entire history of transactions with land, identification of risks for both the current owner and the buyer, risk assessment, preparation of recommendations for eliminating / reducing risks;
      • identify the grounds for the occurrence of other adverse consequences for the current owner or buyer, including the possibility of losing control over land plots due to the actions of third parties;
      • development of recommendations on registration of rights to land plots used without proper legal grounds;
      • structuring, planning and legal support for land purchase transactions;
      • the creation of an electronic archive of legal documents on land and the registration of land rights, the introduction of a single electronic system for managing the process of securing land rights and document circulation in this process;
      • participation in auctions conducted by state and municipal bodies when acquiring rights to land plots;
      • services for the search, analysis and selection of the most suitable land plots for the implementation of investment projects;
      • services for the resolution of land disputes, both in court and pre-court order, upon agreement with the Customer.
    • Employees

      The department employs eight people (legal advisers I and II categories).

  • Accounting and Reporting Department

    Главный бухгалтер
    Ольга Алексеевна Ульева Телефон +7 (9027) 20-90-07
    • About

      The department performs the following functions:

      • keeping the accounting and tax records of the Company;
      • ensuring the formation of complete and reliable information on the activities of the Company and its property status;
      • maintenance of accounting and tax accounting of subsidiaries.
    • Employees

      The department employs six people (accountant, economists of I and II categories).

  • Department of Material and Technical Support

    Начальник отдела
    Иван Николаевич Ухрянченко Телефон +7 (9027) 20-90-09
    • About

      The department performs the following functions:

      • material and technical support of the company: organization of the activities of vehicles (8 units), organization of services, works for the needs of the Company - rent, utilities, security, maintenance of premises, supply and maintenance of material resources - furniture, stationery, etc.;
      • maintenance and control over the safety of real estate and goods and materials, which are on the balance sheet of the Company and its subsidiaries.
    • Employees

      The department employs ten people (a system administrator, drivers, cleaners).

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