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About Corporation

Вячеслав Валентинович Чуканов

Dear partners!

JSC "Development Corporation of the Tambov region" serves as a strategic tool to improve the business and investment activity in the territory of Tambov. Among our main objectives - to create the most comfortable conditions for starting and running a business and investment development of the region.

The potential of the Tambov region forms the basis for economic growth and increase the investment attractiveness of the region. Tambov region is one of the fastest growing regions of the Central Federal District.

In the new socio-economic reality when dealing with internal and external investors, Corporation comes from the need to create a unified, clear and comfortable conditions for doing business and investment activities, projects, social localized and coherent with sectoral priorities for the region.

We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation of investors from all regions of Russia and from abroad.

We work in the interests of long-term development of the Tambov region!

CEO of JSC "Tambov Regional Development Corporation"

Vyacheslav V. Chukanov

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